Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HELP!!! Spa party ideas needed

My baby girl is about to be a teenager and wants to have a spa themed pajama party.  I wanted to call it a "Spajama Party", but the b-day girl vetoed my idea.  So far all I've come up w/ is the invite.  I used my Cricut Everyday Paper Dolls and Cuttin Up cartridges.

This may be the last all-girl party we host at this house, so we've got to make it extra special. I need some really great ideas and was hoping that all of you out in the blogosphere could help me out.  If you have a great idea for snacks, activities etc., please leave a comment and tell me your fabulous idea. Better yet, if you've pulled off a fabulous spa b-day and blogged about, please leave a link. (We're expected around a dozen girls between the ages of 12 and 14.)

Thanks so much!


  1. hey tara!
    i recently came across these two sites when looking for ideas for myself:


    and i love the site "one charming party"...they recently started selling their party plans, but the pajama one looked so cute a few weeks ago when they blogged about it. Here is the link:


    good luck! and ps. i love this blog! :)

  2. hiya , have a couple of suggestions for you the first is to split them up into 2 groups and let them do treatments on each other , like face packs , nail painting , hair styling hand massage etc you get the drift and one group give teh treatment and them they switch around and the second idea is one i have seen on here somewhere but i cant remember the blog name so cant give credit but it is for a party bag ( but fo teenagers you could call it a therapy or beauty bag and in the bag was some dollar store goodies , face packs , nail polish , shower mit , scrb ball , etc but also some chocolate goodies for the midnight snacks ,hope these ideas are helpful x i am visiting from someday crafts and am your newest follower maybe you will pop by mine and follow too

  3. Hi there! As I am wrriting this I realize that your post is from 2011, and not 2012, so I hope the party was amazing! If you ever need more spa party ideas we have lots of them at Creative Party Themes! We also have some fun sleepover party ideas on our site. Come take a peek! :)

    1. Our party was a lot of fun. I checked out your site and will be back next time I am planning a party..