Monday, January 23, 2012

Giant Spool of Thread-storage

I decided to make some more giant notions. They make feel like Alice in Wonderland.
 I bought 2 wooden disks at Hobby Lobby for $1.47/ a piece.

I wrapped some oatmeal canisters in brown paper. I couldn't decide if I like the tall or the short, but I settled on the short.  (Next time, I'm at the craft store, I'll but some more discs and make a tall one.)
Then wrapped it in yarn.  I think it looks pretty sitting up my shelf next to my giant pin cushion and I can even store stuff in it.  I think I'm going to keep my embroidery thread in it.


  1. Very fun idea! Could you just come and help me get my sewing space in order and all cute??? :)

  2. Haha love this! So clever and it looks so festive in your craft area!

  3. Oh my goodness, gracious, I love this!! I am pinning it and making one (or two) of my own!! Thank you for sharing! :)