Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Will Craft for...FUN!: Linky Party #2

Thanks to everyone who linked up last week. At first I was feeling like the girl who threw a party and nobody showed up, but then you should up w/ fabulous ideas. Sorry about the technical difficulties.  I have learned not to mess w/ the settings after the party is started.
The most viewed link was this amazing Craft Room (check out the room in all it's glory) at Little Lucy Lu.  It is work of art.  Love the windmill on the wall. Who thinks of that?!?

Week #2 is just for fun. Please link up whatever you like (as long as it's family friendly)-projects, recipes, tutorials, tips, funny stories, rants, opinions, etc.

PS:If you host a weekly linky party, please add it to my list.


  1. Thanks for the comments and the link to your party! Go Girl's Camp!!

  2. good for you starting your own party! i'm on my 10th one and still feel that way. i still only get 20-25 entries. thanks for hosting! it takes a lot of time, but you get to see so many cool things!

  3. Found you through Crayon Freckles up there! Good luck with your party! I am a new follower now! Stop by and say hello sometime.

  4. well,i read this story it's really fun but one thing that craft room is looking so beautiful.you get to see so many cool things.