Monday, April 30, 2012

Knock-off Mondays: Anthro crop shirt

Did anyone notice I've been gone? My husband had a convention in Chicago (more about that later) last weekend.  Silly me, I wasted all my packing/ preparing time in the ER fixing up #2's broken arm. (he's fine-it was only his left arm anyways and now I get out of taking him to spring training for football).  My packing was a little more frantic than normal.  I packed a lap top so I could blog while the hubby was in meetings.  I was going to visit a ton of link parties and leave lots of comments and fill up all my boards on Pinterest. I also uploaded a ton of pictures and figured I could get at least a half dozen posts written.  I thought I might even go all out and even proof-read them.  This would have been great, if I would have also remembered the power chord. 

Enough about me, here's my post.

I love, love, love the back of this shirt by Anthropology and I figured it would be fun to knock off.  I am basically going to be making a crop shirt w/ a few adjustments.

Step 1:  Cut out a shirt shape on the fold for the front.

Step 2:  Lay the front of the fabric on top of another piece of fabric 1 inch from the fold (the further from the fold, the larger the pleat). This will make the back 2 inches wider than the front. 
Step 3: Sew the front to the back and shoulder and side seams.
Step 4: Sew a narrow hem along the bottom, neck and sleeves.

Step 4: Find the center back.  Make a 1 inch pleat on either side of the center back.  Press.

Step 5:  Instead of one big button, like the original, I used several smaller vintage buttons that I found at a garage sale.  I sewed 3 narrow strips each 2 inches long.  Then I pinned them inside the pleat and top stitched them in place.

Step 6: Top stitch the fold on the right side and sew the buttons on.

When you're done, it should look like this.

She wanted the sleeves a lot shorter than the original. I had 2 leftover buttons, so I added little pleats on the sleeves as well.

The back is my favorite, but I guess, I should show you the front too.

When it was finished, it turned out a little different than the original, but probably more age appropriate for my kid. So it didn't end up a knock-of as much as an inspired by Anthro.  She loves it and so I'm happy.

I used a yard of fabric, but it I was sewing for myself, I'd want it a little longer and use 1 1/4 yards.

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Reasons To Skip The Housework

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sewing 101-Ruffles

Ruffles are just plain fun and if you don't know how to make them-you should. They are cheap/ easy way to add length or interest to anything.

Here are some ruffle projects that I have done:
                            Fun w/ Hems                                                             Candy Corn Pillows

For today's tutorial/ project, I'd like you to go and visit Pam at Threading my Way.  She has done a great tutorial all about ruffles. 

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Linky #39- Will craft for Free patterns!

I've been completely bit by the sewing bug lately and any cute project starts with a cute pattern.  I would like to introduce to Cecilia of Lily Bird Studio:

My name is Cecilia, I'm a crafter, passionate about sewing, designer, wife, mother... I love crafting since I remember, as a child I used to spend a lot of time designing, painting, making crafts in general. I grew up watching my mother sewing and as a teenager I used to design my own dresses and she used to sew them for me. A few months after my little girl was born I started to design and sew clothes for her... soon I started a blog about the stuff I do ( as a way to share my ideas with other people.. Soon after that I created The Lily Bird Studio a shop where I sell sewing patterns for babies and kids wear.

About Lily Bird Studio..
At Lily Bird Studio you will find easy sewing patterns for babies and kids from 0 months up to 8/10 years. Each sewing pattern includes step by step instructions with pictures, computer drafted sewing patterns, final measurements chart and specific instruction when needed such as how to make your own bias tape or fabric flowers or whatever is needed for each design.

Most of my designs are sewing patterns for dresses, I just love creating dresses for everyday wear. But I also offer sewing pattern for boys, such as shorts, pants and shirts.

I sell my sewing patterns on Etsy ( and my own website for an instant download (

Her shop currently list 97 items, but here are some of my favorites from her shop:
Birthday Party Dress - 12 mths to 8 yrs - PDF Pattern and Instructions - wide ruffled skirt, high waist  Pink Dress - pillowcase style  - 12 months to 8 years - PDF Pattern and Instructions - easy sew

Ben & Mia Pants with Pockets for Boy and Girl - 12 months to 6 years - PDF Pattern and Instructions  Cuffed Shorts for girls- denim style front and back pockets - zipper - elastic back - 12 months to 8 years - PDF Pattern and Instructions
To enter  to win 3 patterns of your choice, do any/ all of the following:
1. Link up a project
2. Visit  and leave a comment mentioning your favorite item
3 Like Lily Bird on FB, twitter LilyBirdStudio  or her blog(

Good Luck! (ends April 30)

Winners and Features from Week # 38

A big huge thanks to Ruby Jean's Closet for sponsoring our party. I've sewn 2 of her patterns and I can not say enough positive things about them.

The winner of the pattern 5 pack is:
#92  Alderberry HillApr 18, 2012 04:09 AM
I follow you on g+!.
 Please contact her directly at her shop.

A second big thanks to all of you that come here every week an share your awesomeness with me.

Tales of a Trophy Wife

My top 5 picks from last week's party are:

Rainbow Jell-O  by Yearning to Create

Chair planter by Re-purposed restorations

Sunday School signs by Becca Nelson

 by Crazy Wonderful

The  most viewed link from last week was...drumroll please:

This fabric remnant rug from Sweetwater Style.

See all of you back here at 5:00 pm Tuesday CST.  We have another great give-a-way sponsor:

Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby bikinis

I'm not sure what fashion guru declared war on 1-piece swim suits.  It's dang tough to find one that's not super frumpy and I'm really not the bikini wearing type.  However, my 20-month niece has just the right body to pull this off.

I used another awesome pattern by Ruby Jean's Closet.  This was my first time ever sewing w/ bathing suit material and it wasn't bad at all (I do have a serger so that made it easier).  
NEW Gidget Retro Baby Bikini Swimsuit PDF Pattern Tutorial Bathing Suit for Infant, Baby, Toddler
If you have someone that needs a baby bikini, head on over to Ruby Jean's closet.  Better yet, enter this week's linky/give-a-way to win 5 patterns of your choosing. (ends 4/ 23 @midnight).

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Want Free Clothes!

Raise your hand if you go into your closet and say to yourself, "Self I have so many fabulous outfits to chose from I just can't decide what to wear"?  I'm not seeing many hands out there.  Let me hook you up:  Fashion to Figure e-mailed to ask me if I'd like to give away $30 of merchandise to one of my readers. I said, "Yes, Please!"
There are hundred's of items, but here are some of my favs.

Plus Size Bubble Hem Chiffon Polka Dot TopPlus Size Chiffon Blouse with Criss Cross BackPlus Size Peasant Button BlousePlus Size Lemon and Line Blazer

Fashion to Figure is designed for real women not supermodels and features clothing from sizes 12-26. They have great prices too (that first blouse is only $14.99!?!) They also have some great accessories no matter what size you are.
Plus Size Suede Flap Messenger BagPlus Size Go Out With a Bangle Multicolored BraceletsPlus Size Wooden Bangle

Do you want to $30 of free stuff.  Just leave a comment-easy peasy.

Want more entries:
2. Follow FTF on FB
3. Follow me in any way  Follow Me on Pinterest Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 
4.  Tell me that best book you've read in the past year
(open to US residents only- and ends April 27)
Good luck!

I'm going to Africa! or Saving the world one mouth at a time

My husband is a periodontist (gum surgeon) in the United States Air Force.  
Last summer he spent a few weeks in Suriname (never heard of it-us either. It's on the northern coast of South America) on a humanitarian mission.  It was an amazing experience for him. 
He actually has a 30 minute power point presentation if you're ever in my neighborhood. For those of you not planning to travel to the great San Antonio area, let me show you a few pictures:

Here is the line of people that would gather each morning, waiting to be treated.  They say that the 2 biggest life-changers on trips like these are optometrists and dentists. 
A pair of glasses, or the ability  to eat and speak with out pain is something I take for granted. 
They would work in schools.  They had 3 chairs going at a time and worked in almost an assembly line fashion. (my hubby has a strict "do not blog about him" rule, but since he's wearing a mask I  feel safe-he's the guy in the middle).
It was the most physically demanding dentistry of his life.  He saw so many patients that he actually developed blisters!  While it was physically exhausting, it was rewarding in every other way.

A little side note: For those Mormons that have ever spent some time collecting, and putting humanitarian/ school kits together.  They actually make a difference. These were stacked in the corner of a remote school in the middle of the jungle:)

There are several private groups/ churches that sponsor similar trips around the world. We have always talked about going on some if he ever goes into private practice and makes the big bucks.  

We thought it was just a distant day dream until a colleague at work invited him to go with his church group to Kenya and said that I could even go as his assistant!  It's always been my dream to do something like this-especially to go to Africa (it's even on my 50 by 50 list). At first the idea of raising the kinds of funds to pay for something like this on a government salary seemed a little daunting. However, we reviewed  our finances, and decided that if we save a little every month, we can cover it.  To do my part, I have also decided that 100% of the proceeds of my blog (click here if you want to know how I earn $ from the blog) and etsy store will go towards covering our costs.  So I am going to work really hard to making my blog fabulous so that it attracts lots of readers/ followers and be more committed to my super neglected etsy store (sew some new dresses-take some descent pictures etc.). 

I love the quote, "It is better to light one candle, than to curse the darkness."  This is my way of lighting a candle.

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