(I'm not in disguise, but I looked through all my pics of the last few years and there isn't one w/out me in sunglasses and a ponytail)

I'm so glad you stopped by! I hope you'll stay awhile and poke around a bit. The only theme to this blog is, stuff I think is cool. I've tried to organize all my posts into categories at the the top of each page.

The Name of the Blog: 
I am a stay-at-home mom, because it works best for me and my family-not because I am too lazy, too stupid, too oppressed, or too spoiled to get a job. Still, I get a little sense of longing for a career some days-especially when filling out forms. The first time I wrote "trophy wife" as my occupation, I had just quite teaching and was suffering a  little bit of an identity crisis. I just couldn't bring myself to write down, "house wife" or "stay-at-home-mom".  Feeling snarky, I wrote "trophy wife."  

Instead of a hot blonde that spends her time shopping and going to the gym, I am a brunette that enjoys laying in bed reading, clipping coupons, and carbohydrates. My parents don't get the joke, and are very concerned with the name of my blog.  My father is especially concerned that people will think that I am some hot young thing that stole my husband away from the woman who put him through years and years of school and poverty. To resolve their concerns and set the record straight:  I am the woman that put him through years (and years and years) of school and through some miracle he still thinks of me as a young hot thing.
I am a Tara: mother-of-three, enjoying my last year of rocking my 30's. To follow me on my quest to do 40 fabulous things before I'm 40, click here

My relationship with Jesus Christ and my family are my 2 biggest treasures. I spend most of my time driving my kids around, volunteering for one of their church, sports, or schools and doing laundry ( how can 5 people produce so many dirty clothes). In my spare time, I love to create.    I hate injustice, being cold, and school projects. I am happily married to the man-of-dreams.  He is perfect except for the fact that he considers all of my DIY projects the bane of his existence. 

The Blog:  A combination of creativity, poor photography skills and bad grammar.  

Please feel few you use the stuff on this blog as long as you give me proper credit and link back-especially if your project turns out cuter than my original.  I work hard on my tutorials and I hope that you use them for private use. 

Tales of a Trophy Wife

Tales of a Trophy Wife

Tales of a Trophy Wife

I love to sew baby clothes, but all my babies grew up, so I opened up an Etsy store.  If you need something little and white, check it out: