Young Women is the not so creative name of our Church's Youth Group.  I am blessed to work w/ the 14-15 year-olds.  I also have a 13-year old daughter (who totally and completely rocks) of my own.  Below are some fun projects for girls.

****Also check out the Fashion Page for lots of clothing projects YW can do.
Lesson 39&40 Loving Ourselves and Other

  Lesson 31 and 32  Service 

 Lesson 30 Scripture Study  (reading chart)

  Man 3 #28 Sacrifice      

 Camp Craft   

     Button Necklace  

 Lesson 23  Overcoming Opposition    

YW 3#22 Eternal Perspective    


Manual # 3 Lesson 21 Sharing the Gospel

Mother's Day Gifts 

  Manual 3, Lesson 16-17   Eternal Marriage  

B-day Party      

YW #13 Manual 3 Fathers

Manual 3 Lesson #6 We all have a responsibility to teach