Monday, August 15, 2011

Learn from my Mistakes: How not to make cake balls

My daughter is the baker in the family and she has been obsessed w/ making cake balls.  She made some chocolate ones last week that were pretty good. If you've never made them:  Bake a cake.  Mix the baked cake with a can of  store bought frosting.  Roll mixture into balls and freeze until.  Dip in chocolate.  Cool. Eat.

Last week she wanted to make some more, but we only had limited ingredients and I wasn't driving to the grocery store.  We scrounged around and found a spice cake mix  and some butterscotch chips.  We thought we'd make some fun little back-to school apples. (we were wrong...very, very tragically wrong).

We should have just baked some brownies. They were a complete fail.  The balls would not get hard and so they were difficult to dip.  (We used homemade frosting, which might have been the problem. I've only ever seen recipes w/ canned frosting and now I know why)

Then the butterscotch wouldn't melt right.  It might have been the food coloring.    So I added a milk and butter and whisked until smooth.  We dipped the balls and added pretzels for stems and little fondant leaves.  We were congratulated ourselves on how cute they looked and stuck them in the freezer.

However, even after hours in the freezer, the outsides were gooey like caramel and refuse to come off the Silpat sheet. Big gooey nasty mess. This did not stop my kids from scrapping them off and eating them, but they sure weren't pretty. Don't they look yummy?  They really weren't.
UPDATE: I was over at Skip to My Lou today and I saw how to do them right.
Although having failed so horribly, I think I'm a little gun-shy.

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  1. Oh man! I tried to make these cute little lego head pops for my 10-year-old's b-day party and they were a complete fail too. Candy melts burned, wouldn't stay on the sticks, etc,etc....I've made simple chocolate ones successfully, and I say Bakerella has mad skills to make such amazing looking ones.

  2. Well, you live and learn, right? I have never made cake balls, but I totally crave them. Even if they came out looking like a fail, they sound completely edible to me!

  3. I've never made cake balls and now this kinda scares me! I bet they still taste good though!

  4. I am sure they were still good.

  5. They still look like they tasted great!! Edible mistakes are the best!

  6. You gals are very sweet, but I promise the weren't very good. The cake part was mushy and the outside was all sticky and it just wasn't good.

  7. You are too funny! I read your "About Me" snippet and almost did a spit take because you are so funny. I'm sorry your cake balls were neither cake-y nor ball-y. You'll get 'em next time!