Monday, August 29, 2011

Star Wars Party Idea Round Up

I'm still planning away. Here's a bunch of fun Star Wars B-day ideas (Here are my Lego ideas).  My husband suggested that it would be much easier just offer my son a $100 and not have any party. Where would be the fun (and stress) in that?
I think I could even pull off this cupcake cake. (
Here's a tutorial on how to make these cupcakes (I wonder what the chances are that I could pull them off)

This idea just totally cracked me up.

How cute is this shirt? Do you think I'm too old for a shirt?

Or if I can't still find pool noodles, we can make some out of balloons and TP rolls (
Also check out Tip Junkie: and
If you've got any more fabulous ideas from a Galaxy far away, please share. Pretty please either leave me a comment or link up below (It will stay up forever).  May the Force be with you.

I'm linking up this idea round-up at these parties here.


  1. Hey, thanks for the link! And so many other fabulous ideas. There is a good chance my daughter will want a Princess Leah party one day, so I'll be referring back.
    Love from,

  2. Whoops, linked up the wrong thing! Sorry about that! What I meant to add was... :)

  3. looks like it was a blast! and everything turned out so darling!!! thanks for sharing at Tell me Tuesday! :) you rock!!!

  4. We did a few super fun activites for my sons (i will post to but until they get posted
    Balloon pop to find a picture of princess leah's to "save" her
    Lightsaber jedi training who can keep the balloon in the air the longest
    free hans solo from the ice trap! that one was super fun.
    I made jedi robes (super easy decided the night before to make them)
    And at the end we gave them their Jedi certificate for passsing training (i can email it to you if you want) making the certificate look right was a PAIN!!

  5. Great ideas here! I have a feeling my son will ask for a Star Wars (or Lego) party for his birthday in a couple months. I am marking your post for future reference! Thanks for all your research.

  6. I love it all! Thanks for collecting it all in once place! Steph @

  7. Sweet! Here's a couple links I've collected. J wants a Star Wars party too.

    (I soooo want to buy these)

  8. Hans Solo jello! Brilliant! I don't have kids but might use some of these ideas for my 42 year old nerdy boyfriend! Thanks!


  9. I also made my Son's birthday party with the Star wars theme a few weeks ago.

  10. What fun party ideas! Thanks for linking with us at Show & Share!


  11. i love the knives and the princess lea shirt! thanks for linking this up to my tip-toe thru tuesday party last week! hope to see you again this week!

    andie @

  12. What fun! Thanks so much for leaving a comment on Mom Endeavors! I just pinned the post and linked up! :) Love all the fun Star Wars ideas!

  13. Fun ideas. I'll remember the lights abet ones for fathers day.

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