Saturday, August 27, 2011

Avoiding Dishonesty: YW Manual 3 Lesson #

No one likes being the victim of dishonesty. Over the past few months, I have been dealing with the effects of dishonesty trying to get my AC repaired (if you are curious, you can read about the drama here). It has been beyond frustrating and in the long run will be very expensive. I will ask the girls to share examples of when they have been treated dishonestly and asked them how they felt. However horrible these situations are, no one suffers the ill effects of dishonesty more than the person who is dishonest. A lack of integrity will separate us spiritually from our Heavenly Father.

My favorite quote on the subject is by Karl G. Maeser:
"I have been asked what I mean by 'word of honor.' I will tell you. Place me behind prison walls--walls of stone ever so high, ever so thick, reaching ever so far into the ground--there is a possibility that in some way or another I may escape; but stand me on the floor and draw a chalk line around me and have me give my word of honor never to cross it. Can I get out of the circle? No. Never! I'd die first!"

I chose this quote for my handout. At first I was going to make it cutesy and add a brick or rock wall, but the more I thought about it, I like it simple. I used purple chalk, because purple is the color of the value integrity. I also wanted to use mostly white and black. We no longer live in a world where right and wrong are seen as black and white, but as varying shades of grey. This can be very dangerous to our spiritual salvation. When trying to decide what is right or wrong, I love Elder Marvin J. Ashton’s advice:

 Simply ask yourself: “ ‘Is it right? Is it true?’ not ‘Is it expedient, satisfactory, convenient, or profitable?’ ” Then follow your honest answer. (In Conference Report, Apr. 1982, p. 13; or Ensign, May 1982, p. 11.)

Good luck with your lessons.


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