Friday, August 5, 2011

Cherry Lime-ade Fro-Yo

I bought an ice cream maker this summer hoping to make my kids delicious and healthy frozen delights, but so far they have all tasted more "healthy" than "delicious".  My youngest was begging to go and see the Smurf movie, so I knew I needed to come up w/ a diversion quick so I thought I'd try again. 

I mixed:
 32 oz vanilla yogurt*
1/2 cup skim milk
1 pack sugar-free cherry-lime-ade drink mix (you may want to start with only 1/2 the packet-it's really strong).

I put it in my ice cream maker and 15 minutes later, my kids were happily slurping it up.  I even thought it was delicious-it tastes a little like a cherry laffy taffy with the tart bubbly aftertaste of limes.  Since it's unnaturally bright red and tastes like candy the kids will never guess that it is healthy-please don't tell them. Also my diversion worked-there has been no more talks of smurfs, there has been talk of trying out other flavors of drink mix fro-yo.

*Note: I used regular yogurt.  I've tried to make fro-you with the fat-free kind but it tasted chalky and wasn't smooth and creamy.

UPDATE:  My daughter read this and says it taste more like Airheads then Laffy Taffy and she's right.
Anyone else have any other recipes for frozen yogurt I could make?

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UPDATE: We tried it w/ lemonande and it was equally yummy.  Only add have the package, though it is strong. 


  1. sorry no help,, but this does look and sound very good!

  2. Hej, I would love to taste it. It looks very promising.

  3. i love cherry limeade from sonic and your recipe reminds me of that. looks delicious.

  4. Darn. I got rid of my ice cream machine 'cause it just seemed too hard to make. I wish I would have seen this a long time ago! YUMMO! BTW, my kids want to see Smurfs too ... sent the oldest one out to see it with friends, remember watching the cartoon? Now the theme song has been in my head for 3 DAYS!

  5. I am on a very strict diet and have been missing ice cream. I can do this and get away with it! I only wish I had an ice cream maker like yours. I have an old fashioned one. Anywho thanks for posting at Ask Anna :)

  6. I just made it with Pink Lemonade and added frozen raspberries in near the end - DELICIOUS! Thanks for sharing!