Saturday, October 12, 2013

My favorite Fall Projects

I am in the final few weeks of training for my marathon and so I have been doing absolutely nothing blog-worthy. 

 All I do is run-I ran 20 miles yesterday.  (Can I get a "Woot-woot" or a "You go girl").  

I am in the mood to make some fabulous costumes, but I have yet to be inspired.  My youngest has his heart set on being the pineapple from Psych and my daughter wants to be a 1950's nurse.  My goal is to try and talk them into something else.

In case you need some inspiration, here's some fall posts that I have done in the past. 

  The Blue Man Group   

 Mary Poppins    

My Family's Costumes 

Fall Mantel    

    Corn Husk Pompons    

Harry Potter Books   
  Spider Pocket Pillows      
 Candy Corn Candle Trio    

 Bat Pillow

Gross out Feast

Batty Lights

Cheesy Candy Corn

Candy Corn Pillow


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