Thursday, April 12, 2012

Folded Pleated Ruffles-Sewing 101

Today we are going to talk about pleats:
I love pleats almost as much as pintucks.  Here are some pleated ruffle projects of mine you may have  missed:

Are you ready for today's lesson?
 (check out the old lessons HERE)
 Step 1: Pick some fabric (my favorite part).  Measure your waist and the desired length of the skirt.  Cut 2 pieces of fabric:
waist meaurement (wide) and the desired length + 1/2 inches 

Step 2: Now please go follow the directions from week 3 to sew your skirt. Do not sew the bottom hem.
 Step 3: cut strips 4 inches wide (this will give you about 1.5 inch ruffle so adjust width according you your preference). Depending on the size of the skirt, you'll need 3-4 of these. 
(side note to all you seamstresses out there, feel free to cut your strips on the bias, but if your a newbie, we haven't even talked about "bias" yet so just cut as normal-I did and it turned out fine)
 Step 4: Sew the strips  (right sides together) so they make a super long strips.  Press seam open.
 Step 5: Fold strip in half and press.

Step 6:  If you are a perfectionist, with a sewing marker and a ruler mark every inch.  Then fold and pin.  If you are more a "close-enough" type person, feel free to "eye-ball it".  Pin to right side of bottom of the skirt.
 Step 7: Sew into place, but leave several inches open, where you will connect the ends.  I really hope this next part makes sense.
 Step 8: Unfold each end and sew (right sides together) the 2 pieces.  Press seam open.
 Step 9: Fold it in half and reform pleats.
It should look like this.

 Step 10: Finish ends.  If you don't have a serger, use a zig-zag stitch.
 Step 11:  Press seam towards the skirt.
Step 12: Very carefully top-stitch.

You are done!  Admire your work!

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  1. very good instructions. Thanks. I might make one of these for my granddaughter. Take care, Linda

  2. THanks for stopping over at Sweetwater....I appreciate your party! I am going to make pillows with pleats this weekend if I am not to tired from getting the garden going! Maybe it will rain :)

  3. Super cute! I wish I could sew better! lol.

  4. I have never done anything with pleates, but I sure do love the look of them...I will have to try this out! I would love to have you share these at my link party going on right now!

  5. I know this one!!! I was worried about stopping over and adding to my list of things I want to learn. You always have such great tutorials! But, I know this one. I love love pleats! Everything looks neat and tidy...with just a bit of fun! Thanks for linking to the Stinky Linky Party!

  6. I will draft it when I will be expert in sewing. That's for sure. Love it!

  7. The skirt is beautiful! I love the fabric you chose!

  8. Love your project!!!
    I currently have a Craft, Create and Inspire linky party going on, i would love you to stop by and link up this project...
    Claire x

  9. Great tutorial! I came over from Adventures in Dinner. I am new-ish at sewing, but my confidence is growing and growing. I'm following you now, since I love easy tutorials for new sewing projects! Thanks for posting this.

  10. LOVE! Those are my favorite types of ruffles and I didn't realize they were so easy to make! Thanks for the awesome sewing tutorials! And thanks for linking up!

  11. This is sooo stinkin adorable! Love the sweet little ruffles. Also I just wanted to let you know that I featured your Night Owl party on my blog!

  12. THANK YOU! This post is being bookmarked right now. :-)

  13. That skirt is darling!! Thanks for the tips on sewing!
    I currently have a link party going and would love for you to share this and anything else you would like!

  14. Thanks for sharing on Serenity Saturday

  15. Thank you for linking up this lovely project!!!
    This week’s linky party is up, i would love you to stop by and link up another fabulous project....
    Claire x

  16. Ok, I think I may actually be able to sew this...I'm not a sewer at all but you made it look easy! Found you over at Fingerprints on the Fridge! I'd love for you to come link this up at my Tuesday Time Out Party - open all week!


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