Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sheet Music shoes update

Here's my original post about the sheet music shoes.
My biggests concern about this shoes is that they would completely fall apart. They did better than I expected, but did need a little first aid. Here's what they look liked after a full day of roaming the halls of middle school. Mostly they just had issues where her toes bend. It made a little canyon. I just modged podged some more sheet music to make a little bridge on top, so it will allow for some give there (does that make any sense?).

There was also another problem spot along the bottom, but I think that I just didn't put enough modge-podge on the first time. So I stuck some more pieces of sheet music on and I think that she's good to go.

I also read on another blog that it works best w/ modge podge make for fabric, and if we ever try something like this again we'll try it.

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  1. Im attempting these this afternoon...Hopefully they work out ok :) I'll link back to you once I'm all done. What a great idea!