Friday, March 25, 2011

The End

I have a lot of BYU Basketball posts here this week.  It stinks that after such a great season they have to end in a loss.  I guess though there's only 1 team that gets to end in a win.

All the kids wore their BYU t-shirts to school, which confuses the natives.  (BYU basketball isn't real big in Texas.  When we wear stuff with a "Y" on it people think we went to Yale). 

After school yesterday, I made everyone clean the house, b/c we were having friends over (my favorite thing about having people over).  Then we made some snacks and got ready to cheer our team on.  The game was intense and I was worried my middle kid was going to explode.  At one point he actually did-well he got a nose bleed.  Unless, I'm watching one of my kid's play, I'm not interested in sports.  Watching last night's game made me think about all the players' mothers.  If any of my kids ever played at that level though, I think they may have to sedate me each time they played.

The boy's were planning on driving to New Orleans to watch them play in the final 4 if they won and talked about it all week.  Sadly, they lost -in overtime.  Heartbreaking.  Big tears and loud sobs.  My boys have pretty much only seen the Cougars win and it was hard for them to see them lose. 

I think I'll wait til tommorow to tell them that instead of a road trip, we're doing yard work.

I'm now hoping for 2 things:
Jimmer gets drafted by the Spurs
Jimmer doesn't cave into the temptations of being a professional athlete

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