Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jimmer Fever!

It all started over Thanksgiving when my hubby and son went to South Padre Island to watch BYU play in a tournament. My kid came home all pumped up about some kid named Jimmer Fredette. When his basketball season started, he wanted white and blue NIKES just like Jimmer. We found some and they were even cheap (most boys want black ones).
I made this shirt just like the first two. (tutorial here). I had to go to 3 stores to find a navy shirt. The super J logo took me forever (2 hours!). I am not a graphic designer and couldn't find an image anywhere to steal. I took the original superman logo and edited in in microsoft paint. I would have done better to have my husband free hand it. I do like how it turned out, but it took way longer than I wanted. The font on the back is from the Cricut Cake Basic cartridge. (1 inch)
It reads, "Even Superman sleeps in a Jimmer Jersey".

Another good t-shirt slogan would be, "Forget Mike, I want to be like Jimmer". Although I don't want to jinx him. Jimmer's good, but not quit as good as Jordan (at least so far).

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  1. I love this shirt - especially the slogan!! Too funny. However, I do know that Jimmer is on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week so my son-in-law says he is jinxed...hope my son-in-law is wrong!

  2. That is AWESOME!! We have Jimmer Fever at out house too! I am a new follower, come by and visit my blog when you have a minute!


  3. That is a great idea! Looks awesome! Thanks for linking it up!

  4. haha so cute :)

    Thanks so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"! :)

  5. This is darling!! Hubby, son and everyone in my family would love one of these shirts!! You are amazing!!