Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jimmer T-shirt

You wouldn't know it from reading this bog, but I actually am the mother to a couple of boys. One of which is obsessed with BYU Cougar basketball. Today, while we were driving home from the beach, my son asked me if I could make him a "Jimmer" t-shirt (they aren't real big sellers here in Central Texas). He even promised to unpack and un-sand the car if I would make it right away. Since I will trade crafting over cleaning any day, I took him up on the offer.
I wanted to make one that said, "You got Jimmered", but he loves this video. (Actually there are a bunch a great lines in that song. "Superman sleeps in a Jimmer Jersey". How fun would that t-shirt be. You could do a big superman emblem w/ a "J" on it. If they keep winning I'm totally making one.)
He found me a plain white t-shirt. I cut out the letters using my Cricut out of freezer paper. I used the Cuttin Up cartridge. I set "teach me how to" to 1 inch and "Jimmer set on 2 inch. I think the proportions looked pretty good for a Youth Large size t-shirt. (If you don't have a Cricut, you could also type up what you want on the computer and print it out on freezer paper and cut the letters out by hand.) Then iron on the freezer paper (shiny side down)-don't use steam or it won't stick as well. Then dab on your paint. I had a happy little accident. The only blue paint I had is probably older than the kid I was making it for, so it wouldn't go on very smooth. It was really blotchy, but I love how it turned out. You can either wait for it to dry or pull out a blow dryer. Then remove the freezer paper and you have a new shirt.
All smiles. Now I just hope they continue to win, so he can wear it again. Go Cougars!!!!
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  1. The shirt looks awesome and I love how your son has pink cheeks. The BEACH in March. So jealous.

  2. Cool! Glad he can benefit from your craftiness too :)

  3. This is awesome. We are Jimmer fans!!! All the way. Go Cougs!Love this.
    Following you from Follow along.

  4. Awesome! It's Jimmer time! I'm a BYU alum myself :)

    Thanks for sharing-
    Stop on by!

  5. Thanks for all the nice comments. Poor kid has my skin-we put 50 SPF sunblock on him every hour or so, and he still got burned. I'll post the rest of the shirts we made later in the week.

  6. GO BYU! I stumbled across your blog on Sumo's Sweet Stuff linky party. It's fun to find other BYU fans in the blog world. I love the shirt! Keep up the good work.

  7. Yay Jimmer! Love this idea...

  8. Thanks for linking up to Craft Couture Monday :)