Monday, March 7, 2011

Fashion Week Day 1

I have a tween daughter (the one that does all the baking) and it is really hard to dress her. Over the past year, she has grown lots of inches and a few curves. The stuff in the girls section, looks too baby and doesn't quite fit right. The stuff in the junior's section does not quite fit and horrifies her parents. Also if there is ever anything half-way cute, the other 500 girls at her school buy it. I want here to feel beautiful, confident and have a style that's all her own. We've spent the week working on some items to spruce up and I will post one a day. Welcome to our "Modest is Hottest" fashion week.
Bleach T-shirts
I've had this t-shirt for at least 4 years. It has that vintage over-washed look that would be perfect for this project.
Step 1: Cut out a bunch of shapes out of freezer paper. I used my Cricut and George Basic shapes, but you could easily cut them out free hand.
Step 2: Iron on the shapes on the shirt (shiny side down)
Step 3: (the bleach will bleed threw so make sure you put something between the shirt layers-or you'll get flowers on the back too-I used a plastic cutting board) You could use a bleach pen, but since I didn't have one, we used a q-tip and some bleach. We got a little carried a way and the bleach bled more than I would have liked. It's best to slightly dab bleach, wait a few minutes for the bleach to work and then go back and add more if needed.

Step 4: It still needed something, so I sewed on a purple glass bead on each flower. Tadaa!

I love the colors. We were so excited, that we took a pic while she's still in her PJ's. She proudly wore it to school today. I'm going to go get a bunch more $5 t-shirts and make some more.

One more day to enter my kid's clothes give-way or my St.Patty Pillow give-a-way!

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  1. Cute idea! Great way to recycle clothes.

  2. Cute, my girls would probably love something like that...thanks for another fun idea :)

  3. Love the phrase "Modest is Hottest!" We're going to be using that one!

  4. Wow beautiful your dress and nice look!!Perfect your fashion style and great idea.

  5. Looks like maybe this will need to be a YW activity! Thanks for a great idea.

  6. I just did this, but I used a foam snowflake paint stamp cause i wanted a short cut. Turned out FANTASTIC!