Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fashion Week Day 2

Kid clothes and Pillow give-a-way end at midnight.

To celebrate Day 2 of our Modest is Hottest fashion week; you are getting 2 postings for the price of one.
Idea #1
I had this xs t-shirt in my closet left over from when I was only a mother of 2. Realizing that my mother-of-three body is a size medium, I gave it to my daughter. She never wore it because it was to “plain”. I was inspired by this shirt of mine and thought I could easily use the same idea to fancy up a shirt.

The inspiration shirt

I used a variation of the organza flower that was so popular last spring.

Step 1: Cut strips of Organza into 3 inch squares (I used 17)

Step 2: Fold each square into 1/4ths.
Step 3: Round the unfolded corner of each folded square w/ scissors

Step 4: Hold the rounded corner close (but not touching) a candle flame. The edges will melt and this will stop it from fraying.
Step 5: Align the rounded edge of the petal w/ the bottom of the V and pin the pointed part of the petal to the shirt. I continued to pin the rest of the petals all the way up the neck line about a pinky-finger’s length apart. At first I sewed them right next to each other, but it looked like a clown collar. Play w/ the spacing until it looks how you want it.
Step 6: Sew the pointed end of each petal to the shirt.


  1. I'm really liking the idea and themes this week. My kids' school has had a rash of questionable clothing this week. Usually they wear uniforms but earned dress down days from magazine sales and a Box Tops for Education boys v girls challenge. I saw a girl walk into school looking like Brittany Spears in the Hit Me Baby video... yesterday a first grader had to have a parent come bring her a change of clothes. I'm saving these ideas up for some summer time fun (it's still too cold here in Michigan for any of your ideas to be practical here). I' hoping you're going to make a cute skirt or practical pants (as in my kids butt crack doesn't show)! Love your blog... seriously!

  2. Thanks. First garder? That's scary. I Live in Texas and you'd be amazed@ what constitutes "clothing". I'm sewing a skirt as we speak.