Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Modest is Hottest fashion show/Project Runway

We have been having way to much fun coming up w/ new clothes this week. Guess how much money we've spent to far?...0$. Of course, I did start w/ a pretty good stash of craft supplies, but even if I had to go purchase all the supplies, it wouldn't be over $5 for the entire week.

We're having so much fun-we may keep going next week. I thought up a great idea for an activity with my daughter's youth group at church. We could have a "Modest is Hottest" fashion show. Here would be the guidlines:

You could even set it up like "Project Runway" and make it into a contest.
Each girl must come up with an outfit from their closet. They may use up to $5 to purchase addtional supplies to embelish any existing clothes. It must be an outfit that they would actually wear to school.

You could award points for:
1. Least amount of $ spent
2. Creative use of items
3. Acceessories
4. etc., etc,

You could make up funny award categories and give each girl a certificate. it could be like the pine-wood Derby, but with fashion. Hopefuly, the girls would learn that you don't have to spend a lot of $ to have a great original look. I think it would also build their confidence. How great would it be for them to wear something they made to school and have someone say, "Cute______, where did you get it?" They could answer, "I made it". Nothing better.

You could also just have each girl bring a t-shirt from home and bring assorted craft supplies. Each girl could make thier shirt their and then have a fashion show. I think it would make a fun mother-daughter night. Moms and Daughters could make shirts for each other. Fun?
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