Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I made a button!

Tales of a Trophy Wife

I'm feeling very smart right now-I made a button for my blog!  I followed Debbiedoos instructions here.  It took me about an hour-but I could do another one in under 5 minutes.  I think I may do some more stuff to spruce up the blog.

Do you like the dark or the light better?
UPDATE:  I wasn't completely happy w/ the first buttons.  I thought they were hard to read.  I started the ones in my sidebar in "Paint" and then followed the rest of the directions.


  1. I've been wondering how to make a button, thanks for linking to those instructions! I'm very impressed! I think the dark one shows up better, but I like them both. Good job!

  2. We've been blogging about the same amount of time and I've yet to create a button. I'm on Wordpress so the directions are a little different. Perhaps one day soon....

  3. This is really neat , I been wondering how to make a button. I like the dark button better. I'm with Emily, I think the dark shows up better. And I just like the brighter colors. Nice job. Thank you for sharing the link. Now I can make some buttons for my new blog. Glad I joined the linky party. I'm finding all kinds of cool and cute things.
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