Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chip off the old Blog

My husband and I had a much need date last weekend. We left my daughter and her friend in charge.  They asked if they could make dinner and I whole-heatedly gave them permission.  This morning, when I went to download our Easter pics, I found a bunch of pictures of piggy pies. I about fell off the chair laughing.  My daughter said she took them so I could blog about it.  So how can I not:

They decided to make Piggy Pies a recipe from this book: 3 Books in 1: Silly Snacks, Classroom Treats, Cookie Dough Fun.

The orginal calls for cream of chicken soup and fozen veggies, but he girls used a can of beef stew instead.

1 Package of canned biscuit dough
1 Can Beef stew
10 frozen peas

Open stew and divide evenly into 5 (10 ounce) custard cups.  Place on raw biscuit on top of each.  With the remaining biscuits, form, legs, snout, and ears.  Use peas as eyes.  Bake for 9-11 minutes @ 400. Makes 5.
You could easily substitute chili, spaghetti, etc or make the biscuits into different shapes. If you are really ambitious you could make homemade biscuits. Have Fun!
I'm a little worried that I need to write up some disclaimer that we don't actually eat canned dough at every meal.  For the record last night we had a big chef salad and bread sticks.

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If you're interested-here's a link to the cookbook.


  1. Love this! I'm going to definitely have to copy it...and um...we don't eat canned dough hardly ever (cough) yeah ;)

  2. Those are so cute! And what a fun babysitter to make creative food.

  3. These are fabulous! My family giggled insanely and the inquired when we could make them...LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  4. New follower here.

    Super cute! I am going to check that book out at the bookstore matter how old you are it's fun to play with your food :)

  5. Now me being a lover of all things pig related (well almost) when I saw the photo I flipped. I'm going to have to make these for my granddaughter...she will get the biggest kick out of them...actually I will get her to help and we'll surprise everyone else!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. That is too cute! She sounds like my daughter. Your newest follower. Hope you can visit me sometime.

  7. I saw these earlier this week and I could have SWORN I commented on how cute they were!! Well, I am glad you linked up so I COULD comment!! It looks like your daughter is following in your footsteps - so creative. Thanks for linking up to Foodie Friday. I hope to see you again next week!!

  8. I think its so great when kids get into the kitchen! :) And its also so cool that she took pictures so you could blog about them! :) sweet :)

    I love the little piggies!

  9. Sooo cute & creative! Thumbs up for your daughter! :)

    Following you now from Foodie Friday! Have a great weekend!

    Tina@Pinay In Texas Cooking Corner

  10. These are just adorable! Bookmarking these for sure! I found you on Foodie Friday and have become a follower. :)

  11. That is awesome! These look really yummy too.

    Thanks so much for linking up to Make & Share today! sorry about the party linky interruption I promise we'll be back up by next friday .)

    Can't wait to see what you come up with then!


  12. how FUN ~ my kids would love these!

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  14. So cute!!! I have to try this.

    Hope you're having a fantastic week.


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  15. Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  16. What a precious recipe!!! So cute. Of course how you could you not! Your daughter did good :-)

  17. Hi, friend! I'm admiring all your creative posts here (especially this piggy) so can you please share them with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? Hope to see you there at the party :)