Tuesday, April 12, 2011

$7 for pure Decor Bliss

I found these brass candlesticks at my neighborhood garage sale last weekend for $5.  They kind of remind me of tulips or  of the weapon in the "Clue" game. 
 First I dipped them in bowling water to remove any wax.  I'm not sure how else to do it, but it worked.

I also found the fabulously tacky bird sculptures at the dollar store.

I took them, along with a few more projects that I'll post later, in the back-yard and busted out my spray paint.  I gave them a few coats each. Then I glazed them (technique here)

They made their debut at my daughter's 13th B-day Party.

Currently, they are hanging out on my piano, but I may move them to my mantel.  They turned out so great, I want to put them everywhere. 

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  1. very cute springy idea...love the table decor!

    stuff and nonsense

  2. Those are great! I would never be able to envision that from the candlesticks and bluebirds. You are so impressive!

  3. Those candlesticks are fantastic! Love the detail on them and of course, what you did with them! I love the Dollar Store and buying things there for their SHAPE like you did with the birds! Thanks for the glaze technique too!

  4. They look so cute! Great job!

    I'm visiting from Feathered Nest Friday and am looking forward to following you.


  5. Perfect! Great mind you have. Thanks for sharing! 8>)

  6. So fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this last weekend at our Inspiration Friday party! :-)

  7. It's me, Rhonda, creeping around. I love these. I am so into birds right now. I hope you don't mind, but, I will have to copy you ;)