Monday, May 14, 2012

Knock-off Monday-Pool sign

This is what I made for my Dad for Christmas, I just never got around to blogging about it. 
Idea for sign for pool
I think the men in my family are born w/ out that little warning bell that goes off in your brain when you are about to do something stupid.  This seems to occur more frequently, when all the females go inside to fix lunch.

I saw this on Pinterest and thought my Dad needed it out by his pool-especially when my brother Dave is in town.  
-Over Thanksgiving, all the girls went out for some girl's time and left the boys in charge. Shortly after we left, he texted me a picture of my youngest sitting on top of the slide dripping wet with purple lips. (Since it was November no one had suits and several of them were in their underwear) 
-They've also been known to "surf" down the slide and participate in the world's most dangerous slam dunk contests.  
-Last time we were over, they found 5 gallon buckets in the garage.  The tipped them upside down, trapping air inside and were using them as some sort of primitive scuba diving device.

What crazy things do the men in your families do?

To make the sign, I just painted some wood w/ exterior paint.  Then I cut out some vinyl letters w/ my Cricut and covered the entire thing w/ some polyurethane.

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  1. Too funny! I want to make one for our pool. Maybe it will keep my kids and their friends from goofing off too much!

  2. I love it! It is too funny. It reminds me of my family. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays.

  3. LMBO (I don't use the "A" word!)

  4. ha! That is awesome! :)

  5. hilarious! found you at DIY under $5!

  6. HAHAHAHA Funny!!!

    My Dad has this sign at his pool: Welcome to my ''OOL''. There's no Pee in it, so keep it that way!

    Thanks so much for sharing at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!!

    1. Christine, we totally had that same sign by our pool when we were growing up!! Hilarious!! ;)

  7. So funny! I thin they needed this at the summer camp pool I went to:)


  8. OMG that is hilarious!!! I have to share this!!

  9. I'm sure this saying would have applied several times to my siblings and myself growing up and probably still applies to my brothers now...your sign just makes me smile with all the memories :).

  10. haha you are too funny! Thanks for sharing at Things I've Done Thursday this week.

  11. OMG! I need this sign ALL over my house. I've a daredevil husband and the two year old seems to be totally fearless.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Found you via DIY Dreamer. That is funny! hehe Sounds totally like a dad, or at least my dad. ;)

  13. This is a fantastic project! Love it! Would you consider linking it up at my Pinworthy Projects Party? I hope to see you there!

  14. Love it! Just love it! Hope they can abide by the rules! hee hee ;)

    Take care,


  15. I soooo need to make that for my brother-in-law's pool! Too funny!