Saturday, December 31, 2011

#26 Attend a Bowl Game

I've decided that to keep myself accountable, I will post weekly updates on the blog for my 40 by 40.  The first thing I crossed off the list was: #26 Attend a Bowl Game. 

We traveled up to Dallas to watch BYU beat Tulsa in the Armed Forces Bowl.   We were super excited, none of my kids have ever seen a college football game live. Several companies made it possible that military members and their families could attend for FREE! 

My boys really wanted to be on TV, so they made signs and my youngest went all out. (he didn't realize that he didn't get to go back to the hotel and shower, but instead got to drive home for 5 hours with sticky blue hair). We had some left-over face paint from when they dressed up as the Blue Man Group, so we drew a big Y on his face.

We didn't get on TV, but we were on the jumbo-tron several times.  The weather was perfect and BYU won by 3 points.  (I haven't started #1 no pony tails for 30 days-but check it out, my hair is down).

Only 39 more to go!