Monday, December 5, 2011

Best I Ever Blogged: Mule'n Nag

Hi, I'm Amber from {Mule 'n Nag Crafts}. My sister & I started our blog to have a place to share the things we love to create. My sister is the mule, I'm the nag (name that movie). I'm a wife, Mom, sports-fan (whoop whoop, St. Louis Cardinals), and a disciple of Jesus Christ.

I love having a place to share our ideas with others & it tickles my insides when another person likes my ideas. Let's face it, husbands don't count--- 'that's great honey, but why did we need to put vinyl on the spices?'--- come on, ladies, tell me you've heard something like that before! That's why he's not in charge of decor.

I have the privilege of knowing Trophy Wife in person; we attend the same church. So, I really pumped that she would consider me worthy enough to participate (even a little) on her blog. 

The best thing I've ever blogged about is a tie between the things I've yet to blog about... like this V-Reader Holder I made my kids (tutorial IS coming soon)...

or our most recent Halloween costumes (you can't see Dino's AWESOME tail in the picture).

However regarding the projects I've actually blogged about I have lots of favorites: two of them being the Quiet Books--- one a {general} and the other a {gospel-themed}-- I made a couple years ago and a {scripture advent} I made last week.

I love it when I can make something that will make someone else happy. The quiet books were VERY time-consuming but SO worth it to watch my kiddos play with them. The templates for my original pages should be coming soon.

The scripture advent makes me happy because it's something I can share with others AND it brings just a little bit more Christ into Christmas.

Thanks, again, TW, for letting me participate! Come on over to Mule 'n Nag to say hi!

Remeber when I told you about the most well-run Super Saturday (annual craft day at church) that I've ever been to?  Miss Amber was in charge-she's got some mad crafting skills.


  1. I just love your creativity! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You're so sweet! Thanks for letting me participate.

    If I have mad crafting skills, it's because I'm surrounded by wonderful women who are that & more! ;)