Saturday, December 10, 2011

Drinks are on us

Because we moved, I actually gave these away 2 years in a row as neighbor gifts/ teacher gifts. I've seen them lots of places and I would love to credit the first person who came up with the idea-they are a genius.
The tiles are only about 30 cents each, so you can make someone a great gift for very little cash.

I used some Christmas stamps and permanent ink.  I sprayed them with a coat of polyurethane.
Then I used a hole punch to cut out circles out of craft foam.  I attached them with Tacky Glue. Then just wrap them up w/ a pretty bow.  If you're feeling corny you could even attach a card saying something like "The drinks are on us".

I wanted some we could use all year, so I cut out a bunch of letter g's out of vinyl. I made these 2 years ago and they've held up great.

Click here to read how I used the coasters to cut down on the million dirty glasses we have each day.

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  1. I've made and sold a ton of these at a craft show I did earlier this year and also sold several sets to former co-workers. Everyone loves them and they are quick and inexpensive to create! Love yours!

  2. THese are great and a gift that can be given to almost anyone. Love this idea!

  3. This is a good idea! I'm looking for ideas for hubby's work right now. Maybe this will work.:)

  4. What a great idea, the possibilities are endless. Great gift giving ideas. Are the monogrammed ones out of the craft foam. What size are they? Very creative. Thanks for joining in on Sunday's Best and sharing your creativity with us.

  5. These would be a great gift idea! Actually I'd like some for myself :) Feel free to come link up at our Crafty Christmas gift link up!