Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Help my sister Adopt

When I was 9 and living in South Korea, a newborn was left literally on a doorstep. In the process of adopting her, my parents fell in love with a toddler and I now have 2 sisters from South Korea. Adoption Rocks!

My sister is holding an online-auction (Through June 3)  to raise money to adopt a baby from Korea. .  Check it out:

Here's my contributions:
Fabric Bonnet by Lil' BirdzFabric Bonnet by Lil' BirdzFabric Bonnet by Lil' Birdz
I made 7 camera straps, but this is my fav.  It's currently only listed for $5
Camera Strap by Lil' Birdz


  1. for some reason if I use Internet Explorer, it won't let me leave comments, but on Firefox it will-anyone else have the same issue?

  2. Thanks! Lovely story and pictures, may you succeed. And to the comment above me, try using the latest Firefox web broswer.