Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teacher Thank-you's

In my former life, I taught high school and would have taken any token of appreciation that I could get.  My dad's an elementary principal and my mom  is a teacher.  Let me let you in on some appreciation giving secrets.  My dad says his very favorite thing are handwritten notes and hand drawn pictures with sincere thanks.  While he appreciates the gesture, the man could start his own coffee mug company-and he doesn't drink coffee.  My mother has baskets and baskets of lotions and bubble baths. Again she appreciates the gesture, but her current stockpile will last her for decades. Especially since she's actually allergic to most of them.  She also has a pretty huge stash of candles as well. 

Our PTA did something genius.  They had each teacher fill out a  survey about some of their favorite things (restaurants, hobbies, etc).  They are kept in a large binder in the office for parents to check out.  Today after school, I'm going to have my kids write a thank-you note to their teachers.  I'm including a Sonic gift card, because nothing tastes like summer to me more than Sonic. (and honestly, b/c they sell them at the check-out of the grocery store)

I bought invitation envelopes (4 3/4 x 6 1/2 inch).  I took a 12 inch piece of card stock and cut in so it was 6  inches wide.  Then I folded it at 4 1/2 inches and 9 inches.  This gave me a 3 inch flap.
 Inside I attached a strip of paper to make a little pocket for the gift card.
 I glued some fun "summer" paper on the front. Then I punched a hole in the center of the flap.
 I cut a slit in the bottom flap and thread a piece of ribbon through.
 I tied it shut.  TADAA!


  1. The binder idea sounds so great! I guess you never think about the fact that everyone other person before you has probably already given the teacher a mug or lotion set. Lol. The card you made is so cute. I love scrapbooking and card making when I have time so this caught my eye. :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my restroom tile post. I wasn't sure what to expect but you're right about it being easier. I was pleasantly surprised with the end result.


  2. I love it. I do a handmade card and gift card a lot, but I love this cute style. I'll be copying. What do you do for Middle School? This is my first time....

    (PS. Still can't post with my Google account, boo)

  3. It's not letting me post comment either-it was a few days.

    With guilt, I have to admit that so far nothing. I think I might do a little card w/ some candy or something-Tara

  4. Very cool! I work in a middle school - our students do nothing =o( It makes me super aware of the importance for doing things for my kids teachers. This is a great idea!

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  6. Great ideas. I need to make them now, I always forget and then have to scramble something together the night before the last day of school.