Friday, May 6, 2011


I was reading over at  this  morning and Jennifer had a great post called "10 Things I Hate About Your Blog".  I thought it was blogging gold for a new blogger and the comments were great (hysterical) too. 

I give her a big "AMEN SISTA!" Although I have no idea if " 2   You don't have an email registered with Google." applies to me or not. (it doesn't-thanks Jennifer)

So since Jenifer already took all the good ones, I don't have 10 but here's some more stuff that bugs me:
1. Linky parties that require me to backlink on the actual post.  I get why people do it, I just think it makes things look way too cluttered.  I have a separate link page and will participate in any link party that considers that "linking back".
2. I love comments, but I can't figure out a good way to reply back to people. (thanks again Jennifer)
3. I'm never sure how to respond when people ask me to follow in comments.  I usually do, I just think it's weird.
4. This one's not really a "hate", but more I think "I think it's funny".  Some people will label every item of clothing or jewelry in a linky party "Anthro Knock-off". 
5. When people try to cram too much into one post. If you have your European trip, a give-a-way, a link party and a tutorial all in the same post-BREAK IT UP. It's not like your saving paper or something.

Here's stuff I like
1. When linky host take the time to comment on the project I link.  It's got to be a ton of work and I don't expect it, but I'm impressed when people do.
2. When people have a quick and organized  way to see all their projects (you can have up to 10 pages).  I'm afraid I'm missing out on some fabulous ideas to steal if they don't have someway for me to find them.
3.  I like when people have their followers near the top of the page.  I'm more likely to follow, if I don't have to search to do it.
4. Humor
5.  I like when people post their "fails". 
So here we go, I'm putting on my thick skin and asking you my readers what you hate about my blog?  If it's something technical that you want me to change, please also leave some directions how to do so. Also while I'm asking for your feedback, I was wondering if anyone would be interested if I made a Facebook page for this blog?

Also, I should mention that that thing I had removed off my face ended up being no big deal  and just what I thought it would be(Basal Cell) . Stitches are out and I only have a tiny scar that I hope w/ a little Melederma will fade quickly.  Thanks for your warm thoughts and prayers and wear sunscreen. Now that you know that I'm not dying of cancer, you can feel free to give me your harshest criticism.  Bring it on.

From now on, I will use a bigger font size.

I turned off the word verification (I am so embarrassed it was on there-I thought I turned it off when I started the blog).

I figured out how to reply when people comment. Woohoo!

I will make greater attempts to proofread-I really do try, it's just that my brain autocorrects everything, so I don't see the mistakes.
I am trying really hard to take better pictures, but that may be a lost cause.

Thanks for the input!

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  1. You do have your email registered - I just responded to you that way!

    Do you get your blog comments sent your email? If so, you can respond directly to them right there. Just hit "reply" unless you see the address come up as "no reply - blogger". That means there is no address to reply to.

    Um, the only thing I "hate" about your blog is the word verification. :)

  2. Great list!!..I just checked out the other blog you mentioned LOL! I also think it looks way too cluttered when you have a bunch of linky stuff under your posts..

    #2..I love comments as well.. and dont know how to reply back either in a crafty kind of way :)
    So when you figure that one out please share!

    Delighted Momma

  3. so here I was hating word verification and not realizing it was turned on. So sorry! I sware I turned it off. If it ever show back up, someone let me know. Thanks Jennifer for telling me how to reply to comments. I should have posted this earlier.

  4. Hey Tara,
    I'm Janet, Jennifer's blog friend. I had to laugh at the 'Anthro knockoff' comment. So true!!!!

    I think that sometimes we bloggers take ourselves way too seriously.

    Make your text a little's a little hard to read.

    I'll be back

    Janet xox

    I'm a follower!

  5. I was gonna say word verification, but you fixed it! I love how organized your blog is, I wish my brain was that organized!

  6. I just read my last comment and I don't sound very smart.

  7. Great post! I went and read the one that inspired it too and I was nodding away in agreement (all by myself... like an idiot) the whole time.

    Then I thought, OH MY GOSH, she just looked at my blog... did she hate it? LOL

    One thing I don't like on blogs - which is a little bitchy of me - is all the award nonsense - and then tag seven friends and write a long, rambling post about yourself and what's closest to your left hand. Hate those! And people get so offended if they tag you and you thank them but don't post it.

    Sorry, wrote you a book. Don't mind me :-)

  8. This is funny and there are some gold nuggets, too! And I'm so glad all is well with your health. Thanks SO much for sharing your humor and good points at the Blog Tip Cafe party over at my place!

  9. Great tips and loved the other list you link to as well!

  10. Great tips! I enjoyed reading your list! The whole I'm following you, would you come and follow my blog, drives me crazy too! Glad you're doing well and that your health scare was nothing serious!
    : )

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  12. I agree with all points here. One thing I also quite dislike is when people have a linkies page, or worst put it directly at the end of each post, and each button has a huge amount of space between each and you have to scroll and scroll and scroll to get to the comments. Everyone should know the basics of html to be able to remedy this. Ok,I just got an idea for a post, think I will make a post of basic html or something. Also, when the buttons have useless html in them (border=0 is not necessary! the default IS 0). I remove all alt= (which is hover to see blog name, the button already says it).

    Really bugs me when they have bad graphics (ie made with Paint!), especially for a big blog with 4000 followers. To me that is unacceptable. And the blog loads sooooooo slow.

    Really like when they have a one of their pictures from their tut with the title and blog name, for easier pinning; I do that now too.

    And actually, though you have an email to reply to it's written (2 dot coms)so it always comes back to me. Noticed that this morning, I dunno if it's just me if you seem not to have had problems with that in the past.

    BTW, saw you link at Sew Many Ways, or else wouldn't have found this old post of yours.

  13. I love your blog and I am your newest follower! Check out mine and let me know what I can change!! THanks!