Friday, June 10, 2011

Protecting our Boys

Ted Bundy's Last Interview by xxxchurch

Being the mother of boys, I worry about how easily accessible pornography is these days.  Several friends posted this video on Facebook and it really shows how pornography can change a nice boy from a nice home into a monster.  It makes me shudder that this was before the Internet.

We've always lived in areas w/ predominately government/military employees.  I can think of at least 4 women whose husbands have lost their security clearance and then their jobs b/c they were so addicted to pornography that they were watching it at work.  3 of the 4 stayed w/ their husbands and tried to support him overcome his problem.  One of my friends gave her husband the choice of her and the kids or the porn-he chose the porn.  It is heart-breakingly sad.

Sit coms  and movies portray porn as harmless fun and something men just do.  Ted Bundy is certainly an extreme, but a powerful testimony that porn isn't harmless. We've placed our computers in our living room-it doesn't go w/ the decor-but my kid's are safer.  When they are the right age, I'm sitting them down and showing them this video.

Stepping down off my soap box now and returning to our regularly scheduled crafts, recipes, tips and bad photograpy.


  1. THANK YOU for sharing this. Pornography is very addictive and very scary. I totally agree with you!

  2. I did a little research on him and maybe his home life wasn't as great as he says in this video, but it does seem that he was involved in porn from an early age.

  3. It is such a sad epidemic. I think the most powerful phrase is when he refers to how pornography can reach out and snatch a kid from a good home.

  4. Pornography is the mistress a wife cannot confront.