Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blogging Advice please?

Occasionally I have a good idea and someone will "Feature" my blog post.  It's fun to have someone appreciate your idea and it always makes my day.  At first, I was grabbing a button and sticking it on my sidebar, but then the longer I blogged, the more feature buttons I collected and it just started to look cluttered.  I already used up all my pages, so I stuck them all on my "me" page, but I'm not entirely happy w/ that either.  Would it be better to place them on my sidebar and leave them for a few weeks or place the featured button on the actually post it was featured on?

So what do you do and if you "featured" me what where would you like me to put your button?

UPDATE:  Thanks for all the advice.  Here's my solution for now.  I got rid of my "Me" page.  I'm not very interesting and I added a little more to my profile.  I want to add something to my sidebar that I can list blogs that feature me as well as some sort of list of top referring blogs. I'll work on that next week. Now I just need to come up w/ something feature worthy.


  1. Free up some of your pages by doing the label cloud gadget to list all your different labels such as the holiday, food, Fashion pages. When people click those on your side bar it will bring up all your posts labeled with those tags. Then you have room for a Featured Page...just an idea!! :)

  2. I have all of my features on my main page on the right bar... but I've resized them down to like 110 I think so they fit two across and then down how ever many I need.
    See here.

  3. I've done both the sidebar and the button in the post it was featured before, and just last night I was actually thinking about this too! I made a Thank You post and just linked back to the sites who had featured me. I think I'm going to stick to doing this once every month or two depending on the number of features I get, and also maybe shrinking down the size of their blogs button and putting it in the post itself. Check out the post I was talking about at