Monday, June 20, 2011

Overcoming Opposition-YW Manual 3 #23

We tell the girls all the time that they are daughters of a Heavenly King and therefore princesses.  My very favorite princess story of all time is Fanny's Dream by Caralyn Buehner.  The artwork is amazing and I can't read it with out crying.  It's the story of of Fanny who isn't beautiful but is "sturdy".  She dreams of a life of fancy balls, but instead weds a farmer that isn't handsome or rich but at least is cheerful and pleasant.  When her Fairy Godmother finally shows up several years late, Fanny realizes that while her life has it's challenges, she wouldn't trade it for all the fancy balls in the world.  I'm sure you could get a copy at your local library if you didn't want to buy one, but it is a great way to start the lesson.

I love the talk by Elder Paul V. Johnson given in the April 2011 conference (found here) and will use it for this lesson.

I also loved Ezra T Benson's "12 Keys for Overcoming Sorrow, Disappointment, and Depression"  from the lesson manual (here) and we will discuss each of them as a class.

It is important to mention that there are some serious issues that we can not and should not face by ourselves and for these situations it is very important to involve  parent's, church leaders, and possibly professionals.

I made the following handout that uses both the 12 Keys and quotes from Elder Johnson's talk.

 Here's one that will print out 4 to a page

I just printed it our on white paper and mounted it on pretty cardstock.
Here's some more of my YW ideas HERE. 
Also my very favorite young woman in the entire world is hosting my blog this week, so if you're looking for some great projects for your YW please check her's out.


  1. Thank you! I love your ideas and I just put the book on hold at the library. Now I'm really excited to teach this lesson.

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