Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gratitude Extravaganza-Activity Day Girls

I am involved with the 8-12 year old girls at church. We meet twice a month for "Activity Days".  I am in charge this week and so I am planning a Gratitude Extravaganza.  There will be a craft, a game, and chocolate.

We are going to make these Thankful Corny Poppers.  The idea is that they will pick someone they want to thank and write all the reasons they are thankful for that person on little slips of paper and put them inside a toilet paper tube.  Then we will use yellow streamers and green tissue paper to make it look like corn. I stole the idea from Spoonful-check it out for the full directions When the "thankee" receives it he/she will pull both ends and they will be showered with gratitude. 

We are also going to make these super cute pilgrim hats from
Oh So Savy Mom

And these Native American Hackey Sacks from DIY Lifehomemade hacky sacks by Bethany Sanders on Flickr

So that's my plan. 
 I hope it works as well for a group 15 tween girls as well as one 40 year-old lady.


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