Monday, October 29, 2012

Tim Gunn, Where Are You When I Need You?

I really struggled with this dress.  It's A Project Runway Pattern (Simplicity #2444) I was going for kind of a vintage dress w/ a full skirt, but instead I feel like it makes me look about 15 pounds heavier.  I had a hard time w/ fit, and I still think I am going to take it in.  

 I really wanted to do an exposed zipper, but I'm not sure I like the final look. I thought it would be a great design element, but I think it makes it look a little homemade. Maybe the dress is too full to pull it off.  I will probably go pick it out and sew it normally. Thoughts?
 I also think that I am going to go back and take off the sash.  I just think it is adding volume to all the wrong places. Thoughts?
 Even though I wasn't thrilled w/ the finished project, I wore it to church anyways, mostly because I just wanted an excuse to wear this shoes ($15 at Payless-no kidding).
 I do like that the dress has pockets! Every dress should.

I bought the fabric in LA for $2.50/pound.  I think it was about $4. Even if I can't make it work, it's not a big money drain.
 It is a polished cotton blend and there is a little stretch to it.  This might account for the fit issues I am having.

I think it is still a work in progress but I'm hoping I can "Make it work".

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  1. I'm a big fan of Tim Gunn! I wish he could come over each morning and dress me!! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. He is just the nicest man ever and has great fashion sense. I so wish he was my nieghbor.

  2. I love the shoes, but agree you are waaaay skinnier than the dress makes you look! Make it work, Tara!

    1. This is why I don't sew for myself much, but I'm not ready to give up. The dress and I are taking a little break from each other for a few days. Depending on how much of my kid's Halloween candy I eat, I many actually fill out the dress:)

  3. I love the idea of the dress, and I think the color is great on you. But I agree that it makes you look a little bigger. The bottom picture looks better than the top, so maybe it's an angle thing? Or maybe the pleats? I haven't sewn a dress for myself since big 90's homely dresses were instyle, so I don't have much advice, but I vote to not give up on it because it is a pretty dress.

  4. I would try adding some cordinating fabric, I add iteresting fabric to the sleeves to make them longer so you could turn up the cuffs and see the print,add the same fabric to the outside of the sash so you have the print to define your waist,make a flower broach to pin on the sash or like a coursage I do not see anything wrong with the fit it might just be too much blue.It is a cute pattern we just need to pull the focus up,the red shoes make us look down.but if interesting fabric was at the waist and above the shoes would be playing a support role and the dress would become the star. Worth a try after all the time it took to make it.I have had to redo mine, my daughters and my granddaughters clothing some I have made and sometimes modifing something that we have purchased,the girls in this family like to be classy yet uniquely dresses and by doing this the modesty of Christian dressing becomes fun with a little lace, adding of material etc. Enjoy your redo/