Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Are you bored yet? Here's some stuff to entertain you

Yesterday, I checked weather.com at least hourly cheking on what Sandy was doing to my friends, family, and our home inDC.  I happy to report, that they all avoided the worst.  However, they all still get the day off from work and school and so the following post is to send a little entertainment their way.

Best Halloween Costume EVER!!!

Since many communities postponed trick-or-treating until the weekend, you still have time to put this together.

Olympic Diving Photos

Bi-partisan Humor

I'm so ready for the elections to be over, but both democrats and republicans can agree, that this is funny. My 8 year old even goes around singing "Eye of the Sparrow".

Here's a link to a bunch on quick, fun games from Family Fun.

I can watch flash-mob proposals all day:

I love the look when she figures out what's going on.

Probably the best proposal ever.

Stay safe and dry east coast!


  1. This post was so fun!
    Oh my gosh that proposal was insanely awesome...so so cool!!

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