Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not really Martha's Butternut Squash and Sweet Corn Chowder

The night before we left on our trip, I was driving my son home from football practice, when something HUGE ran across the road.  It felt like we hit a brick wall and my son screamed "We hit a monster!"  
Turns out it was a feral hog. It was dark, so I don't have any good pictures, but the thing was easily over 5 feet long and we guess over 500 lbs.   He looked kinda like this guy, but bigger w/ longer tusks.

I've lived here 10 years and have never seen one alive.  (If you're keeping track, then yes that it the third wreck I've been in in the past six months.)
 We are both unharmed. The pig didn't make it and my van is in the shop.  

Sorry for the tangent.  The short story, was that I was hungry and had no way to get to the grocery store and so I needed to use what I had on hand.  My MIL always buys weird random food, when she's here and so we had carton of butternut squash in the fridge. I found Martha's original recipe here, but I adapted it to items I had on hand.

14 ounces cubed butternut squash
1 large onion-chopped
1 can of quality can corn -drained(I used sweet nibblets)
1 Tb boulion
2 cups H2O
1 tsp curry
2 shakes of cayenne pepper
1 cup half and half
salt and pepper to taste

Saute squash and onion in EVOO until tender (5-6 minutes).  Add the rest of the ingredients (except cream) and cook for 25 minutes on medium. Optional: Blend soup until smooth in a blender.  Add half and half and heat through.

I thought it was really tasty and a perfect fall meal. Sweet, savory, and creamy with a touch of heat.  My kids all hated it.  My husband loved it and even went for seconds which really surprised me since he hates curry.  

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  1. This sounds delicious - I'll have to give this a try!!


  2. Yikes on that hog!!

    I love butternut squash and this sounds wonderful, but i do have one questions: what is EVOO?
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create!
    <3 Christina