Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hanging out with Jay Leno

 #36 on my 40 by 40 list is to be a member of a live studio audience.  My husband had a conference in LA last week so I tagged along. 
 We got tickets to the Jay Leno show.  We drove straight to Burbank  from the airport thinking that we would do an NBC studio tour before the taping or at least grab some food.  We didn't know that they discontinued the tours a few months ago and there is nothing nearby to see or do.  

It was actually fun waiting for the show to start and nothing like sitting in an airport or a doctor's office for 2 hours.  They even had water and lemonade for us.  I was super impressed how well they treated us.  Jay came out and talked to the audience before the show and let people take pictures with him and ask him questions.  He treated us exactly the same as the celebrities.

 Jay's car-of-the-day.  He has over 300 of them, which he parks at a hanger at the Burbank Airport.
Getting there 2 hours early paid off.  We were the first and second in line and so we got amazing seats!

Since we were sitting near the front, we got to go up and shake his hand and give him a high-five.  (I am wearing an orange sweater and my husband is in a black polo-ish shirt.
Here's the episode:

I was talking to my dad the next day.  He said he could only see my husband.  I told him I was the girl standing next to him in bright orange and he replied, "I thought it might be you, but your hair was weird and you look really heavy." nice.

It was a really fun way to spend the afternoon, and if you're ever in LA, you should check it out.