Friday, May 4, 2012

Crossing more stuff off my list

Last week was a great week for crossing stuff off my 40by40 list. This post is pretty much my travel log, so if you want to skip it, I won't hold it against you.
 #33-Eat Cheese in Wisconsin.  My husband used to live in northern Illinois and loved cheese curd.  He calls it "squeeky cheese" b/c he says it squeaks on your teeth when you eat it.  I didn't think it was any squeekier than average cheese, but I liked it.  Pretty much tastes like sharp cheddar cheese
 Action Shot
 #34 Eat Pizza in Chicago
I am sure there is much debate about where you should get the best pizza in Chicago, but we went to Gino's East.
Duff Goldman claims their sausage patty pizza is the best he ever ate.  Look closely at the picture.  They put a solid sausage patty over the entire pizza, which is a crazy amount of sausage. I'm a big eater, but could only eat one slice. They are proud of their "golden crust", but I found it overly dense. Overall it wasn't my favorite.  (sorry Chicago)

 Action Shot
#30 Visit the Sear's Tower in Chicago (apparently it's the Willis Tower now)
Do I look like I'm going to throw up?  I'm afraid of heights.  They have this sky deck thing, where you stand out on plexi glass-just plain wrong.

In addition to crossing stuff of my list we also did some more cool stuff:

My husband decided to take a picture of himself at every state border crossing 9 years ago.  He added 3 more this trip, which brings his grand total to 47 (he still needs Oregon, Alaska, and Washington).  

 Took a tour of the Jelly Belly Factory complete w/ free sample bar
Found my husband's childhood home (luckily no one called the cops on the weirdos hanging out snapping pics of their house)

 Saw a Cubs/ Cardinals game.  (it was freezing, but we saw George Costanza throw the opening pitch and sang Take Me Out To The Ballgame)
I think this may be my all time favorite painting

 Saw some art
 Had the coldest Ferris wheel ride of my life at the Navy Pier
Walked, and walked, and walked around to see lots of cool sites. When he was in his conference, I just stayed in the hotel and read books.
It was an awesome trip!


  1. Great travel log! We went to Chicago a couple years ago and I LOVED it. I'm serious about us coordinating trips sometime! We have to plan a meet up. Oregon? I don't think I can do Alaska!

    1. The Pacific NW will be our next trip (although I'm not sure when that will be) and we should try to meet you guys. How fun would that be? Maybe we could find a hotel w/ cinder block walls, weird neighbors and ugly brown carpet. We could relive our young married days.

    2. Awesome. And metal play equipment in the center. It would be awesome to meet up and hang out. Yeay!

  2. Thanks for sharing your fun!

  3. John and I are from Oregon! We officially invite you to join us on one of our trips home! Next planned trip July and August 2012!

  4. OH and I love love love cheese curd. I too call it squeaky cheese!