Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to weather wood

I bought this antique dry sink at a garage sale last year. (Unfortunately, it didn't come w/ the sink part)  I originally wanted to make a planter out of it, but then decided, it would be more versatile as a table.  My dad helped me  make a table top (he mostly did all the work and I would hand him stuff).   I wanted the top to match so I tried this tutorial by frugal farmhouse: (The site no longer exists.  Here's the instructions:
1. Soak some steel wool in white vinegar for at least 24 hours. (I saved it and it still works after 6 months).
2. Brew some tea (1-2 bags).
3. Brush tea on wood. 
optional: let it dry
4. Brush on vinegar mixture
5. Watch it age before your eyes (it will get darker as it dries)

 I did a few things differently and it still worked out.
Due to my son's broken arm, my steel wool soaked for almost 48 hours in the vinegar. (I expected the vinegar to turn dark, but it didn't)
 I brushed on the tea (I used 2 bags instead of one), but didn't realize I was supposed to let it dry before applying the steel wool/ vinegar mixture.  I don't think it mattered.

You can see the difference in this pic.

Now I just need to go to the nursery and buy some plants to stick on top.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I tried a different version without the tea bags (and I think with apple cider vinegar) It worked fine but I think this would work much better! Can't wait to try!

  2. Cool. I may be needing this soon!

  3. oh good information to have. I have a chair seat i need to age.

  4. Looks great! Thanks for sharing :)
    Greetings from Australia♥

  5. Wow Amazing! I love how it turned out! I am a new follower! I blog over at check us out when you get a chance!

  6. I've heard of this technique before, but haven't tried it yet. Your table turned out beautifully! Really looked aged!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. great trick thanks for sharing love the after look come see me at and see what I shared

  8. Thanks for sharing this trick with all of us. I love making anything look worn-out and distressed!

  9. That is awesome! I love the "after!"

  10. Very cool! I'm going to have to try this!!

  11. Just what I was looking for thanks. Pinning. Linda

  12. Thanks for sharing your tutorial and I've got this linked to my weathered wood DIY post too today!