Monday, October 31, 2011

What's Cuter-Babies or Puppies

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Puppies vs. Babies

Unless your the Grinch, looking through pictures of babies and puppies will make your heart go soft and automatically force sounds like "ahhh" to come out of your mouth.  But does the cuteness of babies or of puppies make your heart melt faster?

Animal Planet is going to find out and is hosting the ultimate showdown of cute. Who will earn bragging rights on being cuter-puppies or babies. Puppies vs. Babies online contest 

You can  help decide who is cuter. Go online and watch videos and rate pictures according to how cute you think they are. (My kids will sit there all day watching the video clips if I let them).  Voting is open now until November 23rd.  The winning baby or puppy will win bragging rights and $5000, which will either buy a lot of diapers or a lot of dog food.

I'm voting for the babies. How could you not?  I'm not saying that puppies aren't adorable. but nothing's cuter that fat little baby cheeks, especially if it is sporting a dimple.

Go and vote today.Puppies vs. Babies online  , then leave a comment and tell me who you are voting for-puppies or babies.





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