Saturday, October 22, 2011

3-D Paper Pumpkin

I needed something else for my mantle, so I whipped up this.  I just cut out a bunch of circles and then I cut out a brown pumpkin shape and some green leaves.  I wanted to make little curl-ques.  I wet some jute and wrapped it around a chopstick and stuck it in the microwave.  Apparantly I should have wet the chop stick or put it in for less time because it caught on fire.  Live and Learn. 

I declare it a success.  I spent 0$ and didn't burn the house down.


  1. Very cute!
    Glad you didn't burn down your house :)

  2. So cute, and a great job! I didn't know a microwave could set a chopstick on fire, but I do now.

  3. Fire Safety Tips-just another service I provide:)

  4. This is sooo cute! I love it and I am soo glad you didn't burn your house down! You crack me up.
    Thanks for sharing!