Friday, February 8, 2013

Putting Pinterest to the Test

Today is my mom's birthday.  The woman has a good tip for just about every household disaster and so in honor of her birthday, here are some of my favorites:

Tiaras and Bowties-5 stars (because boys are disgusting and this method is much easier than waiting until they all grow up and move out)
Salt Tree-Great tutorial on how to print on any fabric w/ your regular printer. 5 stars
Transfer any image to wood-I never thought this would work, but it did 4.5 stars.

Cleaning Glass Cooktop

Behind the Studios-How to clean your glass cook top-4.5 stars

Embrotique-How to clean the hard water build up off the fridge water thingy 4.5 stars

Life, Crafts, & Whatever-5 stars -Amazing shower cleaner. I will never use anything else. Seriously, if you haven't tried it-you should.

Natural Drain Cleaner-3.5 stars.  It works for mild clog, but for serious ones, you still need to get some toxic chemicals. You also buy a little plastic snake drain for a few bucks-5 stars!!

Unique Just like Everyone Else-Grout cleaner. 2 stars-  It works, but is just so time consuming, that I decided to just have dirty grout.

kitchen miracle cleaner

One Good Thing by Jilllee 2 stars- Maybe I just have the wrong pans?

Kissed by a Frog-Cleaning your shower with pledge. 2-stars It worked but when I did it a second time, there was just so much waxy build-up.  It made me concerned that I would clog my drain.

How to weather wood-5 stars

Death to snails-Kill slugs w/ yeast. 5 stars

How to remove oil-based paint out of carpets-5 stars. I was so happy not to have to re-carpet my house!

Sewing patches-tip-5 stars
How to clean up a finger-print powder at a crime scene-4 stars-worked on furniture, but not as well on carpet.
Removing sunscreen stains-3 stars.  It might have been better if I had tried immediately and not half-way through the summer.

What pins have you tried that actually worked? 


  1. This was a fun post! Thanks for sharing all of these results! Many of these, I have been thinking of trying but doubted their reliability! Thanks for taking the guess work out of it!

  2. What a great post. I've seen a few of these on pinterest and wondered about them. Thanks for sharing your results!

  3. The shower cleaner's on my list to try. I'm glad to hear it worked well for you!

  4. Interesting list! I've discovered your blog through tatertotsandjello weekend party... And now I'm following you
    MammaNene from

  5. I'm super curious about the cleaning of fingerprint powder at a crime there a story behind this???? :)
    Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

    1. Sadly, there is a story behind it. You can read about it here:

  6. This was so much fun to go through!!

    Thanks so much for partying at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality! Can't wait to see what you link up tomorrow evening!!

  7. I love the list, as I have tried many of these. Except for the Crime Scene Cleanup, I am hoping I NEVER have the need for this Pinterest post!!