Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pink Peplum

Peplums are everywhere-I think it's because they make your waste look really tiny.  
I used Simplicity 1699 to make this blouse for my daughter.  (fyi-they forgot to include the step where you sew front sides to the front).  

I whipped it up fairly quick and was feeling all proud of my sewing skills. 
Then it was time to put in the zipper.  
(insert scary music)
I ended up sewing and ripping that sucker in 3 times. My mother once threw her sewing machine across the room in frustration, and if I had to do it a 4th time, I might have too. This is linen, so you can't iron a nice crisp clean line.  Also the embroidery would make it pucker and it just wouldn't look professional.  In retrospect, I should have use an invisible zipper.

She loves it and I love that it only cost my about $8.

PS-she make the necklace 


  1. Cute! Looks like you did a great job! I'm glad you got that zipper in so you didn't have to chuck your sewing machine across the room.. that would be sad :( I'm a beginner with sewing so I have many many frustrating sewing moments.

  2. Nice job! There really should be an easier way to get a zipper in smooth and easy. I love the fabric. Thanks for sharing today.
    Donna @onceuponasewingmachine.com

  3. Rally nice pattern!
    And beautiful fabric too :)
    C U soon,
    MammaNene from


  4. Great job! love the color and the fabric!
    Best, zia

  5. Lovely! I avoid zippers at all cost, they just never seem to sit right for me. I love the necklace too!

  6. Love a cute peplum, and yours is adorable!!

  7. Looks great!!! It's a very flattering style.

  8. This is so cute! One of my favorites that you have made!!