Saturday, March 17, 2012

America's Got Talent

Last week was Spring Break in Texas.  It was pretty low-key around here and pretty much we just hung out.  We did go to Kerrville (about an hour a way) just to get away.  We saw the fake Stonehenge and then just stayed at a hotel w/ an indoor pool and free breakfast.  

On Saturday, the hubby and I went to Austin to be part of the live studio audience of America's Got Talent.
This took care of #36 on my 40 by 40 list, "Be Part of a Live Studio Audience."

They had a super strict dress code:

YOU MUST ADHERE TO DRESS CODE. YOUR ADMISSION DEPENDS ON IT. Hip, upscale attire is mandatory. You will be on camera so it is very important that you dress nicely! When you look great, the show looks great! No shorts, t-shirts, or hats. We'd prefer you don't wear jeans, but nice jeans are fine. SOLID COLORS ARE APPRECIATED. NO WHITE CLOTHING. Absolutely no clothing with logos or writing will be allowed into the theater. 

Absolutely no open-toed shoes of any kind will be allowed inside the studio of safety reasons. You will be turned away if you wear them. This includes high heels (anything over 1 inch), platforms, sandals, and flip flops. Please wear closed-toed flat shoes.

I was stressed a little a bit what to wear.  First, I buy most of my clothes at Costco and Target and I do not own a lot of "hip, upscale" attire. We stopped at the outlet mail on the way up and I got a cute green sweater at Banana Republic (they're hip and upscale right?), but then we got an e-mail that said "no green". It was St. Patrick's Day, but the show wasn't airing until May.
 We thought maybe your seat depended on how good you loooked and I was worried about even wearing jeans. When I got there there was obviously no one checking the dress code. There was even a lady in a HUGE green t-shirt that said "P-A-R-T-Y" across her chest in denim capris and flip-flops that got  a seat on the front row.

We weren't allowed to  bring cameras/phones so I don't have any pics for you but I'll tell you a little about our experience:

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