Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No Sew t-shirt vest

I saw my daughter ironing last year's gym shirt and was confused.  My mother irons jeans and I was worried that she had inherited some weird ironing OCD from her grandma.  A little while latter, she entered the room modeling her HUGE smile and this very cute vest that she made all by herself.

side view

 Back View


Pretty fabulous for an old gym shirt and considering she's only 13.

She found the complete tutorial here at Wobisobi. She did the back a little different than the original.

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  1. So going to try this. Thanks for sharing your vest.

  2. I'm super impressed! Looks like you're passing on some awesome creative genes.:)

  3. Smart girl! Gotta love when they not only have an idea, but follow through on it themselves! That's impressive!

  4. My kind of DIY...easy and no sewing required! New to your blog and glad to have found your creative little space on the web. Happy Wednesday!

  5. So cute! She did a great job. I did two no sew vests last week. Check them out here:

  6. got here from frugal days. will have to try this.

  7. Good for her!! Looks great! She and my almost 13 year old could do some real crafting damage together!! please tell her...SUPER JOB!!! Thanks for sharing at Uncommon!! sharing this on our facebook page today! Bonnie ;)

  8. That is amazing! I'm a definate fan of anything 'no sew' C:

    Thanks so much for sharing at our Pin'inspiration Party this week. Hope that you pop by tomorrow to help get ready for spring.

  9. Aww! She did such a fantastic job! Thanks for sharing at Things I've Done Thursday! www.bearrabbitbear.com

  10. That came out great! I love it!

    Thanks for sharing at A Pinteresting Party this week.

  11. I just wanted to let you know I featured you on Blissful and Domestic today. Stop and grab a button:>


  12. She did a great job! I can remember making clothes at that age and I was always soooo proud of myself. Let's not give away my age by saying a made a pair of "Jams" shorts!

  13. this is great! so impressed!!!

    thanks for sharing on Serenity Saturday
    Hope to see you there again tomorrow

    Natasha xxx

  14. A little crafter in the making! Tell her she sure is creative!

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