Monday, September 12, 2011

YW Manual 3 #35-Dating Decisions

The April 2010 issue of the New Era is a virtual gold mine on dating.

I really didn’t want to just stand up and preach to my girls for 30 minutes.  Instead, I used the FAQ’s as a basis for a group discussion.  It is a great resource with answers from those far wiser than I

I cut up all 11 pages of them and then passed them out to my girls. Each girl should get a few questions. I gave them a few minutes to prepare by reading the questions and answers.  In case we didn't have the time to read all questions, I had them put them in order on how important the question is that we should discuss.  Then we’ just went around the room and let each girl present the question and answer in their own words. It was an amazing discussion. I think the best we've ever had.
I played up the "Fish in the Sea" cliche. I cut out a bunch a sea creatures. PDF Here For every dangerous item, I wanted the girls to come up w/ a danger of dating (STDS, Low Self esteem, pregnancy etc.). For every beautiful creature, I wanted the girls to come up w/ something good about dating (fun, life long friendships etc).
I closed by giving each girl a handout. (PDF Here)  There are a lot of "fish in the sea", but a lot of other dangerous things in the sea as well, and they need develop relationships with people that will want the best from them and not harm them in anyway.


  1. Thanks for all your tips!!

  2. I am teaching this lesson soon. Thanks for all the ideas and tips. I really like your fish in the sea suggestions and I love the FAQ.

    Can you make it so that your links open up a new window? That would be nicer than always using the back button on my browser.

  3. If someone could tell me how to do that, I would be more than happy to do it.

  4. Love the idea! It also goes with, "You fish what you bait" and reminds the girls that they're sending their own bait out there by what they do/wear/say on their dates, and in general every day life.