Monday, September 5, 2011

Sweater Week Day 1

Today is the first day that it is not supposed to reach 100 degrees.  In honor of our virtual cold front, I am declaring it Sweater Week!

I'm a big fan of the cardigan (I wonder if I can like it on Facebook?) I hate to be cold.  This should not be a problem, since I live in central Texas, but people insist on keeping their AC slightly above freezing. If I'm going somewhere indoors, I often carry a cardigan just in case I get cold.  How much does an old Grandma does that make me sound?

 Back to the topic of the day:
I found a cute sweater for my daughter last spring for $3.48 at target.  I lost the "before" pic-just imagine the above with long baggie sleeves. She loved the sweater, but did not love the sleeves.  It just fit it frumpy and looked wintry.   I wondered if I could cut off the sleeves and make it look a little more fashion forward.  I figured all I had to loose was $3.48.

 Step1.  Cut off the sleeves, slightly above her elbows and cut off the cuff that went around the wrist.
Step 2:  Serge the cuff to the bottom of the sleeve   Step 3: Stitch 3/8 seam from the edge of where your serged
Step 4: Admire your work.

It hoestly looks like it was always supposed to be that way and my very picky daughter is totally thrilled and has already worn it to school this year.

(My model is a little under the weather, but when she starts feeling better, I'll add a picture of her wearing it).

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UPDATE:  So I checked.  I can be a fan of the cardigan on facebook.  It even has 2 sites-one with over 2,000 fans and one with 10,000.


  1. No one would know you've altered it.... looks great!

  2. Beautifully done! Such a lovely little cardigan. I love the color and the polka dots. The custom fit is perfect.

    Tee hee! I love that you can fan the cardigan on Facebook!

    Thank you for liking up to "A Little Birdie Told Me..."!


  3. Oooh, I like that cardigan! I would wear it, I'm a sucker for blue and polka dots.