Monday, June 20, 2011

Day Two: Button Necklace

 The Trophy Daughter is back again for day two! This one is also very self explanatory but for the sake of posting I'll tell you how to do it!
1.) Find cute buttons(Should be the traditional kind with four or two boutton holes) and twine
2.) Sting a button on through two holes (even if there's only two holes)  and tie a double knot in the back.

3.) Repeat step two as long as you feel like.

4.) Tie it off and add bow if desired.

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Wow, I really don't have any idea how to end this so... bye? Read my next post? No ending?

By the way, while I'm writing this the ever so wonderful trophy mother is making a super cute necklace for my friends birthday even though I'm supposed to do it but I couldn't figure it out. That was a really bad run on sentence. Anyways, Thanks mom!


  1. so cute! i've got some fun old buttons that were my great-grandma's that i would love to do with this! pinning it now! thanks for linking up at tip-toe thru tuesday! hope to see you next week!

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