Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Too many dirty glasses solution

I made the coaster on the right last year for teacher/neighbor gifts. I just found a Christmas stamp and used a permanent ink pad. I put on a good coat of polyurethane. My youngest's teacher like them so much, so requested some non-holiday ones for everyday use. I whipped up some with her initials out of vinyl. Since they were such a success and we've moved cross-country, I made some more this Christmas.  They are super quick and cheap -each tile only costs about $.30.  So much better than coffe mugs and lotions (trust me every elementary school teacher in America has a cupboard full of mugs and baskets full of lotions).

This is what my kitchen looks like on a regular basis. No we did not have a party and there are only 5 people in my family. All the dirty glasses drive me crazy-especially since most only held water. I've tried assigning everyone a color-coded glass or writing names on each glass, but it didn't work. I decided to make each member of our family a coaster (and a few extra for guests) and then institute corporal punishment for anyone that doesn't put their glass on the assigned coaster.

I bought these tiles at Lowe's for about .30 a piece. You can use those felt furniture protecting pads, but I was out. Instead, I used a hole punch, some craft foam, and craft glue to make my own

I was going to do initials, but thought symbols would be more fun. I used these 2 cartridges

Then I stuck the vinyl on each coaster and sprayed them w/ a quick coat of polyurethane. Easy Peasy.

Guess which one is mine?



  1. OK. This is freaky. At a friends house this week, I noticed she had this laminated placemat thing with everyone's names on a square for their glasses. I sent Graham a pic because that is his biggest pet peeve. And she told me she had bought tiles, but hadn't finished them yet!!!! And I thought it was genius. Look at you.

    So of course I want to enter....but how do I pick just one household chore that drives me nuts? I hate doing the dishes, I hate trying to keep the kitchen table wiped off, and my kitchen counter refuses to stay cleared off. EVER.

  2. The Christmas coasters you gave me are out year-round at my house!!! Cute idea!


  3. new follower, love the idea! I've made coasters as well, but I tend to use scrapbook paper or wrapping paper, but the vinyl is adorable!

    I hate folding laundry. wish it would fold itself...

  4. I hate ironing--it is always postponed as long as possible.

    Fun blog! I have really enjoyed seeing your projects.

  5. Hi! I'm totally enjoying your blog-- though I don't always get to it every day. I totally hate cleaning bathroom floors. I think if I don't win, I may use this idea for my "fun Friday" craft-ernoon with my friend and her 3 kids. We get together every few weeks to do something kid friendly and then the kids play and we get to chat for hours.

  6. I am new to your blog, found you at skip to my lou. I hate cleaning the bathroom. Always have-always will.

  7. Cute project. The icon are great...the funnest set of coasters I have seen!

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