Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Second Cricut Cake

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So remember our first attempt?

Since then we've played around w/ fondant and now can cut out shapes w/ ease and very little frustration. Our fondant got all hard and crusty and I was going to throw it all away, but my genius daughter stuck it in the microwave for about 10 seconds and with a little kneading it was good as new.

My mom is 60 and we're going to have a big bash this weekend and my kid was in charge of the cake. My Mom requested red velvet cake w/ cream cheese frosting. We made Paula Deans recipe here. I don't think I was overly impressed and will go back to using box recipes. It tasty merely "fine" and was denser then I thought it should be. (The recipe called for "vinegar" and all I had was apple cider vinegar so that might be the problem). It might also be that cake just isn't my favorite snack. It didn't make as much as we thought so we had to whip up a box mix as well.

We wanted to try and cover the cake w/ fondant and heard that squares are easier to cover. We need to work on our corners-next time. All the white shirts are a little bit of an inside joke. For some unknown reason, by Mom wears some sort of white shirt at least 7 days a week. We made them out of the Cricut Frosting sheets. The sheets were pretty easy to use and even though you can't tell in the pic, they showed the little detailed cuts on the shirts. We used the Everyday Paper dolls cartridge to cut them out. They do dry really quick and can crack easily so you need to get them off the mat and on your cake quick. My biggest complaint is that they are a rip-off ($5 for a 12x12 sheet).

We rolled black fondant into long ribbons and layed it around the bottom and put three fondant balls at each corner.

Overall, my kid is getting faster and better. She can do everything except roll out the fondant. Her 12-year old arms just lack the muscles of her Mama's big guns.

I've mentioned before that I'm just not a fan of decorating cakes. What I didn't mention is that due to scheduling conflicts, we woke up at 5:00 am to finish this bad boy before school. Driving her to school today, my daughter told me "we make a great team" and how she was so excited w/ how well the cake turned out that she "would be smiling all day". So worth it.

PS-The Cricut Cake mini is on sale @JoAnns's for $99 and you don't even have to wake up @6:00 on Black Friday to get one.


  1. Looks fantastic!
    You two do make a great team :)

  2. You gals make an awesome team! That is so fun!

  3. I love the way it looks with the little balls on the corners. Super creative. Totally worth it to me to wake up at 5 to hear something so sweet!